Puri Bagus Jati

With an altitude of approximately 500 meters and panoramic views, the resort enjoys a unique location. Being in the center of Bali, it gives the feel of a sacred place of monastic mysticism and an escape from the outside world.
Unique is the interaction of the local village people whom have been given traditional facilities at the resort to prepare for their needs of palm sugar, rice wine and other traditional produce.
The raised lobby similar to a Balinese temple overlooks the complex to Mount Agung theholy mountain. 10 spacious spa villas each built in the typical “Bali Bunder” style, blending traditional Balinese and Dutch architectural features, based on the “Cakra” principal or the circle of life. The resort features a restaurant for general dining as well as for buffet style meals using macrobiotics and bio-organically grown produce from the agricultural estate. Health and well being facilities include, Aerobics, Fitness Spa, Meditation and Holisfic Healing.