With its 443 065 km2, it is the sixth largest island in the world.
Sumatra has about 40 million inhabitants.
There are over 50 languages in this island. The majority of inhabitants are Muslim, but Sumatra has also Protestants, Catholics, Buddhists, Hindus.

This island is very rich in natural reserves, with an abundant fauna, an Islamic and colonial architecture, mountain lakes of breathtaking beauty and impressive rivers. It is also home to people of diverse cultures: the former headhunters and cannibals regions of Batak, the Muslims of Minangkabau with its matrilineal system, and the indigenous populations of Pulau Nias and Mentawai islands, which until the beginning of the century, had still had no contact with the outside world. Pasaman is a town in the region of West Sumatra. It lies on the equator, occupying an area of 74,000 km2.