Java, the most populated island of Indonesia, extends from Jakarta to Banyuwangi through the sophisticated Yogyakarta, the region which has stunning temples.

A chain of volcanic mountains divides the island from West to East.
The extraordinary scenery, offering excursions to the volcanoes, guarantees a unique experience while discovering ethnic diversities.
The area of the island of Java is of 132,000 km2, with over than 120 million inhabitants. With a length of 1000 km and 180 km wide, it is also home to the capital, Jakarta (10 millions). In the west part is a long coastal plain, and an area of rice fields borders the north coast. In the center is a mountain composed of countless volcanoes (<3676 m) which leaves little space on the south side to an area of hills and plains. Very fertile, Java is the breadbasket of Indonesia (rice, tea, coffee ...).

The population is made up two thirds of Javanese and various “Indonesian minorities “more or less recent in the island.

Java will appeal to nature lovers of volcanoes, of flora and fauna and of beautiful landscapes. In addition to nature, many architectural masterpieces which can not be ignored such as Borobudur (Buddhist site) and other Hindu temples in the central region are really worth to see.